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29.01.2009, 14:30◄ last page     

Krim manager, Deja Ivanović, tells Eurohandball.com about the unexpectedly successful season of the Slovenians.

Surprising Krim

The director of Krim Mercator, former Slovenian handball legend, Deja Ivanović is happy about the results of the team this season.

Eurohandball.com: Hypo, Buducnost, Krim and Podravka: four teams from Women’s Regional Handball League in the top eight European teams. Is this coincidence or something else?

This season was full of highlights for KrimDeja Ivanović: It is not coincidence. It is proof of the hard work in this area. In fact when I visited Vienna for the CL's main round draw, I talked to the manager of Hypo, Gunnar Prokop about this. We are both pleased with the great results achieved by WRHL teams. This proves the strength and the quality of our league.

Eurohandball.com: Krim has a new and young team and also a new coach. After bad results at the start of the season, the team improved a lot.

Deja Ivanović: I’m very satisfied with our team and also with the coach. I especially appreciate the attitude and the energy of the team. Results show that we are on right track. At the beginning of this season we had a 3-year plan to return to the top of Europe. We knew that we needed time and nobody expected such good results already in the first season. So the entire club is thrilled with everything so far.

Eurohandball.com: News about possible reinforcements?

Deja Ivanović: The management has been working hard on this for months now. It is still early to say anything officially.

Eurohandball.com: You have great handball experience. What do you think about this generation? Are they different from your generation winning the CL in 2001 and 2003?

Deja Ivanović: First of all, there is chemistry in this team. There are no individual interests; this is a real team with real team spirit. This is the most important to reach good results in handball. We have a healthy, competitive environment where this team can improve.

Eurohandball.com: After many injuries in the past seasons and also at start of this season, it seems that injuries are history… Can you expect all players to be in top form for the CL main round?

Deja Ivanović: I hope so. We work hard on physical condition and also on injury prevention.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš (www.wrhl.info)

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