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02.12.2010, 23:59◄ last page     

After another league defeat and resignation, Celje coach confirmed in position.

Tough times for Celje

Despite winning against Chambery in the 6th round of the VELUX EHF Champions League, Celje lost again in the Slovenian Championship. This prompted coach Miro Požun to offer his resignation.

Celje have had big problems this season as they’ve now lost four league matches, and are currently in fourth place.

In the past, they usually lost only one or two matches during the whole season. Trimo Trebnje – a club that reached 5th place last season – won 33:31 (15:13) in Celje's Zlatorog hall.

Coach Miro Požun who took-over after Zvonimir Serdarušić resigned three weeks ago, was so shocked that he offered his resignation.

"This is a catastrophe. I really don’t know what’s happening. Such a defeat shouldn’t happen at all, but we can’t erase it now," said Požun.

After the game, the coach talked with the board of directors, but they refused to accept his resignation.

Požun added he will stay as Celje's coach until December 22nd when Celje are due to play their last match in the National Championship for the year 2010.

What will happen then, nobody knows.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak

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