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All tickets are gone for all the Kiel games in the Sparkassen Arena.

Seven hours for a Kiel ticket

It’s nearly impossible to buy a season ticket for THW Kiel. Most tickets are inherited from father to son.

As the regular season tickets don’t include the Champions League matches, every year there’s a big run for these tickets.

On Sunday Kiel was pretty busy because the Kiel fans could buy the combined Champions League tickets for the group phase.

The Sparkassen Arena will be full againThe holders of these tickets have an option to buy for the next rounds of the competition. 10,250 spectators can visit the games in the Sparkassen Arena; 10% are reserved for the guest fans.

On Sunday morning the club office opened at eight o’clock. Many of the spectators were waiting in front of the office the whole night.

“Some of them arrived just after midnight despite the cold and the rain. They were sleeping on bags to get one of those tickets,” THW spokeswomen told Eurohandball.com. “Every year it’s the same ritual,” she added.

In less than four hours all the 8,500 combined tickets were gone.

“We still have some individual tickets, but all our matches will be sold out,” THW said.

The interest in the Champions League is still apparently enormous. This season will finish with the quarterfinals in Kiel as the FINAL4 will be played to conclude the season.

Good preparation

THW won the “Unser Norden” cup on home court. In the final, Kiel have beaten Montpellier, the team of Nikola Karabatic and Vid Kavticnik, by 27:25 (13:12).

THW also won 21:18 against the Swedish club Eskiltuna. The best Kiel player was goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer; Kim Andersson was awarded best player of the tournament title.

Over 9,500 spectators attended the last preparation match, but they could not yet watch Daniel Narcisse. The debut of the French star is still to come.

TEXT: Björn Pazen

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