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9 months ago - 10/19/2019

Kristianstad take first win in style

Winless in four previous matches this season, IFK Kristianstad finally got their first win in group D of the VELUX EHF Champions League, defeating Chekhovskie medvedi, 36.28.

  • With 36 goals, IFK Kristianstad matched their most scored in a Champions League match
  • Kristianstad are now in fifth place in group D, while Chekhovskie medvedi are in sixth
  • Adam Nyfjäll scored eight goals for Kristianstad
  • Alexander Kotov hit the net five times for Chekhovskie medvedi

IFK Kristianstad (SWE) vs Chekhovskie medvedi (RUS) 36:28 (19:13)

When IFK Kristianstad finally won in the VEUX EHF Champions League this season, the Swedish side did so in style.

In an extremely high-scoring start to the match, the score was close – although, most of the time, Chekhovskie were leading by one goal. However, as Kristianstad managed to stabilise their defence to a certain degree, they soon got the upper hand.

Having taken the first three-goal lead of the match, 9:6, the home team went six goals up in the first half several times in the first half – 17:11, 18:12 and 19:13 at half-time – and they continued their dominance after the break.

With some of the spectators in the Kristianstad Arena already singing Christmas carols, Kristianstad moved 10 goals ahead and had the chance to take their largest Champions League win in history.

As things turned out, they were quite happy with winning by eight goals and achieving a tangency of their highest score ever in a Champions League match.

IFK Kristianstad coach Ljubomir Vranjes felt that him team "did a great game from the start to the end."

Author: Peter Bruun / jw