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25.05.2011, 16:00◄ last page     

A first, unofficial version of the seeding list has been published.

EHF Women’s Champions League 2011/12 Seeding List

Preparations for the 2011/12 EHF Women’s Champions League season are in full swing.

For every European Cup competition the EHF publish a seeding list, which gives an overview over place distribution and pots as well as an overview over the timeline milestones. For the first time, one of these lists is published before all teams are determined.

At this point in time, several national leagues are still undecided. Also there is the possibility of qualified teams refusing to register for the EHF Champions League for different reasons. Therefore please note that this list is subject to changes.

The seeding order of nations has changed. Norway are on Position 1 after the title being won by Larvik HK. Austria lost their place in Pot1 and are now in Pot 2, letting Romania promote to Pot 1. Four teams switch between Pot 2 and Pot 3. While Germany and Russia are seeded one Pot lower than last year, Spain and Montenegro made it up to Pot 2.

One place in Pot 2 of the Qualification Tournaments 2 is held in reserve. If a national federation tables proposal for an additional place in the 2011/12 EHF Women’s Champions League before 10 June 2011, the EHF will evaluate the situation and the EHF Executive Committee will deal with this matter at its June meeting.

Download Women’s EHF Champions League 2011/12 Seeding list (pdf)

New qualification format

Following the decision of the Executive Committee of the European Handball Federation met on 08/09 April 2011, the format of the EHF Women’s Champions League Qualification Tournaments 2 were changed. From season 2011/12 on these events will be played in a final four format, with two semi-finals on one day and two finals on the next. EHF Women’s Champions League Qualification Tournaments 1 remain the same.


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