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The Buducnost key player believes in winning the last two games and reaching the semi-finals.

Ambitious Bulatovic

The last game of Buducnost T-Mobile ended in a draw against Győr. Katarina Bulatovic scored the last goal of the game just 18 seconds before the end. The hero of the last CL encounter talks to Eurohandball.com.

Bulatovic is in top formEurohandball.com: Back to the last game: did you believe that you can come back from minus seven?

Katarina Bulatovic: I don’t want to find excuses, but we played without Ana Radovic and Marija Jovanovic and we didn’t believe we could beat Győr. During the game Győr were leading comfortably and we were about to give up. In the final minutes, however, everything changed. We played like we were supposed to play: shooting much better and we avoided the defeat thought nobody believed in it. The fans believed in us, they gave us big support and the strength to make a positive result.

Eurohandball.com: With 30 goals from the first three Main Round games you proved that you are among the best scorers of Europe.

Katarina Bulatovic: Actually, the first half of the Győr game it was very difficult for me. I carried out few trainings before that game because of injury and also Pálinger was great. I’m especially happy because of the last goal, scored in the last seconds of the game.

Eurohandball.com: The calculation is easy. If Buducnost T-Mobile want to reach the semi-final, you need to win the last two games against Oltchim (away) and Krim (at home).

Katarina Bulatovic: More then ever, I’m convinced that we can make it into the semi-final. When we managed to come back from being down by seven goals and score three goals in the last two minutes, I believe we can get two victories in the last two games against Oltchim and Krim.

Marija Jovanovic and Ana Radovic should be back on court and we will have more players in attack and defence. So, we will beat Oltchim in Romania and than our fans – as coach Gyula Zsiga said – will climb on the roof of Moraca hall after the game with Krim.

TEXT: Saša Jončić

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