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13.11.2009, 11:30◄ last page     

Ivana Petković has become key player in Podravka at her very first CL season.

Excellent debut

The Croatian international played her best match of the season last weekend. With the fine performance of Petkovic, Podravka Vegeta defeated Viborg and they are now knocking on door of main round.

The 24-year old lefthander arrived in Podravka from Trogir at the beginning of the season - following long negotiations:

“It is true that Podravka called me many times before. This year I finally decided to come to Koprivnica because I wanted to try the Champions League. It was good decision!“

Playing in the highly important right back position, Ivana Petković could easily become decisive for the future of the Podravka team:

“All in all, it's clear that we need a little more time to get used to each other. These are really tough matches against best of the best. It would have been much easier with all those players who had to leave at the beginning of the season, but we are doing well now. We are secretly hoping for the main round...“

It seems that the Croatian team are doing more than well. Podravka managed to beat Viborg for the second time in two years:

“We played a good match against Viborg, being aware of their qualities, but also of our qualities. The key of this victory against the CL winners was our defence, fighting spirit and great desire to win. We played like a team and every single player gave great contribution to that important victory.“

In the next round the Croatian champions will travel to Trondheim. This could be a great great step towards the main round:

“Byåsen are a good team, but we rightly hope for points in Trondheim. In Koprivnica we had problems with the Norwegian team only because of our own mistakes. Now we know what we have done wrong and we will make things right this time. I'm convinced we will take points from Trondheim too,“ Petković added.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš

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