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28.08.2009, 10:10◄ last page     

Podravka decided not to let their captain go. Miranda Tatari shows solidarity with her club as she talks to eurohandball.com.

Tatari: Viborg move called off

Though the middle back agreed in all details with Viborg, Podravka Vegeta decided to keep the player.

The Croatian national player explains the situation to Eurohandball.com:

The captain will stay in Koprivnica"When financial problems occurred, the club promised us to let all the players leave who want to leave. Then Viborg contacted me and we agreed in all matters. But then Podravka decided not to let me go.

"The thing is that I was born in Koprivnica and I'm simply not prepared to take legal steps against my own club.

"So I will stay with my team. I put my personal interests aside and stay for the good of the club because they demand that I stay. As the captain of the team, I also feel moral obligation not to dispute with my club in these tough times.

"I explained everything to Viborg and they understood the situation. We agreed to stay in touch.

"It is true that Podravka Vegeta face great problems right now. But as a captain I can tell the players that we are now a few goals behind but we will win at the end. We will not surrender, we will fight as we always do because we all believe in Podravka Vegeta,“ Tatari concluded.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš

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