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06.08.2009, 10:04◄ last page     

The Croatian champions announced that they let all their foreign players leave. The domestic players will receive reduced salaries.

Difficulties in Podravka

An official statement appeared on the website of RK Podravka Vegeta, the Croatian women's CL team. The text signed by President Saša Romac on Wednesday is as follows:

The team and the players face new challenges"One of the best Croatian sports clubs of all times, RK Podravka Vegeta simply could not avoid consequences of general crisis. Despite recent European ambitions and because of general savings, the club was forced to let our best foreign players go.

In the new circumstances, unfortunately, this move was inevitable. The following handballers are no longer players of Podravka Vegeta: Ana Đokić, Anita Bulath, Natalija Todorovska, Orsolya Herr and Julia Portianko. Domestic players will be affected with the new conditions as well. They will all receive adjusted, much decreased contracts.

Nevertheless, it is expected that the rest of the team joins a number of young and talented players who have the strength and quality to remain leaders in Croatian women's handball. Of course, we do not think about the surrender in following CL season, although the objectives of Podravka will be considerably lowered. It is expected that the current coach Zdravko Zovko will stay with the team."

Podravka Vegeta has been a prominent team in the Women's EHF Champions League. Last year the squad of Zovko reached the Main Round, while this season they will meet Viborg and Leipzig in Group A.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros

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