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10.02.2009, 14:30◄ last page     

As the situation of Ikast is getting difficult, Kenneth Jensen knows that they need to win away in the CL.

Ikast coach remains hopeful

A huge job is awaiting Kenneth Jensen, head coach of Ikast-Brande. He will have to restore the self-confidence of his players after a 24-38 home defeat from Viborg. He doesn’t even have much time for this as they will travel to Hypo for a game on Friday.

Eurohandball.com: How can you solve this task now?

Ikast will have to start winning awayKenneth Jensen: First of all, we will need some time to digest the match against Viborg and to analyse. We need to take the positive aspects with us, parts of the first half. But of course, we have a huge job ahead of us when it comes to regaining our confidence.

Eurohandball.com: It seems that your players give up rather quickly. Do you agree?

Kenneth Jensen: I agree that each time we tried something new against Viborg, it did not made us believe that we have a chance. However, when you take a risk, it may have the opposite effect and that happened against Viborg.

Eurohandball.com: Maria Enzerdorfer Sporthalle is probably one of the most difficult away courts in Europe…

Kenneth Jensen: I think you are right, but then again, we played many similar away games in the recent past. We visited Győr and Zvenrigorod and many other difficult places. There is no doubt that Hypo is a fantastically difficult team to beat away. There’s no doubt that we will be in for a similarly tough challenge.

Eurohandball.com: Podravka lost by only a goal to Hypo. The Croatians also seem to be tough opponents.

Kenneth Jensen: You are absolutely right, this is a “dynamite group”. I still believe that Viborg and Hypo are the greatest favourites for the entire Champions League, but we still hope to be able to reach a fine result away – in Vienna or in Podravka, or maybe even in Viborg.

Anyway, we will need to win away. Only winning the remaining games at home will not be enough…

TEXT: Peter Bruun

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