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Andrea Lekic talks about playing for Krim Ljubljana. She is very positive about the chances to reach the main round.

Krim's perfect spirit

Eurohandball.com talks to Serbian international Andrea Lekic. The 21-year old middle back of Krim scored 13 goals in the first round and she is now the top scorer of the CL.

Lekic scoring in NürnbergEurohandball.com: You are top scorer of Krim in the Regional League and also in the CL at the moment. What are your expectations from this CL season?

Andrea Lekic: It started really well for me. I feel more relaxed on court than before. Last season was my CL debut and I gained a lot of experience. This season we went through many changes, so our prime objective is to reach next round.

Eurohandball.com: After a few bad results at the start of the WRHL, Krim recently played good matches. You started the CL by defeating Nurnberg.

Andrea Lekic: It is true that we did not start well, but the first results did not show the true value of my team. It is certain that we needed some time to get used to each other. We have a young and completely changed team. Our coach Marta Bon used these matches to find our playing system and I think we showed recently that our form is improving.

The match in Germany was a sign that we improved on psychological level because we lost the first half, but we continued to fight and took two points at the end.

Eurohandball.com: And now comes Metz?

Andrea Lekic: We should not be deceived by the result of the match against Viborg because in my opinion the difference was so big because Viborg is so strong. I know the French team and I know that they have great players. This season they brought three excellent players to the team. I expect a hard and exciting match.

I hope we can repeat our defensive performance from the second half in Nurnberg and we will have a chance to score many easy goals on fast breaks.

Eurohandball.com: It seems that Viborg are clear favourites for first place in group…

Lekic is confident that they can celebrate after many games this seasonAndrea Lekic: Viborg is absolutely one of the favourites for winning the CL title. They have great players for all positions. I think it will be very exciting to see who will be second in our group. All three teams have equal chances.

Eurohandball.com: This is your second season in Krim. How do you feel in Ljubljana?

Andrea Lekic: I’m very satisfied. Ljubljana is a beautiful city, perfect to live in and play handball. Krim has something special, something that many clubs don’t have: our fans. They are incredible; they follow us to all matches. They give us big support and it is beautiful feeling to celebrate our victories with them.

Eurohandball.com: What is the atmosphere like after the first victory?

Andrea Lekic: Better then excellent because of the recent good results. On court we manage to show our great fighting spirit which has become our trademark and it brings us victories. My only wish is to keep playing in the same form even after the match on Sunday.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros

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