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29.10.2008, 09:09◄ last page     

The Slovenians have beaten Buducnost in preparation for the CL start.

Krim win the last test in Podgorica

The dress rehearsal before the show is over. The Women’s Champions League will begin this week. Buducnost T-Mobile will host Orsan Elda Prestigio, while Krim Mercator will travel to Nürnberg.

Krim celebrate in the backgroundLast Saturday evening in the Moraca hall these two teams met each other in the Regional League. The Slovenians were trying to take revenge for the defeat in the first part of the competition.

This time Krim Mercator celebrated at the end of the game as they won 31:33 in Podgorica. Evne after the first half a different outcome was more probable when Buducnost were leading 17:11.

The team of Gyula Zsiga played an excellent first 30 minutes, showing great handball in attack and a very strong defence. Buducnost T-Mobile were leading 19:13 in the first minutes of the second half, but then Krim changed the rhythm of the game. They began to play with more power in attack, scoring 22 goals in the second half. The goalkeeper Sergeja Stefanisin made 27 saves and at the end they took a deserved victory.

That was the first defeat for Buducnost in the Regional League, but the Montenegrin Champions are still on top of the table. Krim are second now with a point less but with two more games played.

“We worked very hard in the past two weeks and the girls were obviously tired. This caused a psychological breakdown in the second half, although I can’t understand how we allowed Stefanisin to save so many shots. It was incredible how many easy shots we missed. But we can’t cry; this was only our first defeat and I hope we will do better on Saturday against Elda,” stated Buducnost’s coach Gyula Zsiga.

The best scorer of Buducnost was Jovanovic with nine goals; Radovic scored seven goals and Radicevic six. Lekic scored seven for Krim, Mörtel six.

"We won; this is the most important thing. We didn’t have a good start, but with a great help of our fans we came back and thanks to a very good defence we managed to win. Fans were great on both sides, the atmosphere was superb. This victory was a great impulse for the beginning of the Champions League,” said Sergeja Stefanisin, goalkeeper of Krim Mercator.

The defeat against Krim certainly came in the right moment for Buducnost because now every player will be more concentrated for Saturday’s game against Elda.

“Krim players were much more stabile and concentrated in the second half and for us nothing worked. We missed too many easy goals and lost our concentration and we are the only people to blame for this defeat. It should not have happened, but it's better to lose now then in the Champions League. Our priority is the match against Elda in the first round of the CL on Saturday.

"I believe in my team and I’m convinced that we will learn a lot from this defeat. Everything depends on us if we play like we can. We can beat Elda,” added Jovanka Radicevic, right wing of Budućnost T-Mobile.

TEXT: Saša Jončić

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