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After five long years, the French champion Metz will play in the CL with the best teams of Europe.

Metz win QT in Trondheim

As coach Sandor Rac predicted, it was really a great battle in Trondheim for the only place leading to the CL. Before the qualification tournament he talked about the quality of his team and he proved to be right by reaching the Champions League.

Day 1

Byasen HE vs Metz 33:32 (18:16)
Harsaker 10; Ognjenovic 13

Dinamo Volgograd vs Milli Piyango 37:31 (21:20)
Kocetova 14; Yeliz Ozel 13

Day 2

Milli Piyango vs Byasen HE 28:31 (14:15)
Yeliz Özel 12; Herrem and Frafjord 6 goals each

Metz vs Dinamo Volgograd 31:30 30 (15:15)
Leynaud 19 saves, Lovric and Piejos 5 goals each; Drygina and Makarova 6 goals each

Day 3

Metz vs Milli Piyango 33:25 (15:12)
Leynaud 17 saves, Kysucanova 7, Horacek 6 goals; Yeliz Øzel 8 goals

Byasen HE vs Dinamo Volgograd 27:28 (16:13)
Gøril Snorroeggen 7; Kochetova 8

Metz in group D

Metz, Byasen and Volgograd ended with the same number of points – four (two victories and one defeat). The higher number of goals scored in the direct matches decided the final winner of the Qualification Tournament 2 in favour of the French Metz.

Byasen finished second and Dinamo Volgograd third.

French champions will play in Group D together with Danish champions Viborg, Slovenian champions Krim and German champions Nürnberg.

Leynaud was decisive

Although The French lost the first match, their new player, Svetlana Ognjenovic, was brilliant scoring 13 goals. Goalkeeper Leynaud showed an excellent performance in the last two rounds ensuring Metz to qualify thanks to Dinamo defeating Byasen.

TEXT: Ivan Ambros

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