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LAST WEEK IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: With the start of the 2017/18 season looming, all teams are stepping up their preparations. But besides all the hard work, they still have time for a laugh.

Fun is always just around the corner

It’s official! All Champions League teams, both men and women, have gone back to training now. With some of them already playing friendly games and being done with all-physical workouts, the fun can begin again.

For the German sides the start of the season is only two weeks away so it is time to get ready… but without getting too serious.

German teams mixing it up

Champions Rhein-Neckar Löwen are pretty good at mixing fun with handball. Goalkeeper Andreas Palicka, for instance, took his dog on the bench this weekend.


Me and My dog looking at some handball👌👌👌 #doglover #italiangreyhound #handball #rnl

A post shared by Andreas Palicka (@andreaspalicka12) on

On the other hand, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson allowed his son to wear his jersey and to sit with him courtside, while trying to make everybody laugh with funny faces.

Staying in Germany, it was an emotional moment in Flensburg as Danish winger Anders Eggert returned to the Flens-Arena with his new team Skjern, which will also take part in the VELUX EHF Champions League this season. And Eggert couldn't exactly decide which side he wanted to play for so he mixed up his outfit.

Blood, sweat and not so much laughter...

Not everyone has already been playing, though. For many others around Europe the week was all about sprinting on the running track or lifting weights in the gym. And RK Zagreb players can testify that it’s not at all funny.

...so better make the most of it!

In order to make things a little bit easier on themselves, some clubs have decided to do things differently.

Of course, it’s an advantage when you live by the sea, and Montpellier made the most of the sun to set up various outdoor exercises. Including some running in the water which, by the look of it, was not as easy as it may sound.

Sticking by the water, FC Barcelona players took a dive in a waterfall to cool themselves down. At the other end of Europe, Ljubomir Vranjes enjoyed the company of cows during an early-morning run.


Dwa treningi już za nami 🏃and 🏋 teraz czas na 🍽🍗🥗 i chwilę odpoczynku 🛏 przed 🤾

A post shared by Kamil Syprzak (@kamil_syprzak) on


Between the practices it's very calm and beautiful at Rogla, Slovenia! Enjoying the view. #preseason #rogla #hajraveszprem

A post shared by ljubomirvranjes (@ljubomirvranjes) on


PSG resumed with their physical duties after eight weeks of much deserved holidays. Sweating in the arena is not exactly that funny, so Luka Karabatic took his nephew out eating. The lunch provided this ‘too cute’ video of the week, involving a kid, a feint and a fry…


Neveu feinteur!! 😎❤️ #16months

A post shared by K A R A B A T I C L U K A (@lukakarabatic) on

Finally some fun in the back of a car

Obviously the women’s teams have been hard at work this week also. And while most of them stuck to the usual formula, Hungarian side FTC-Rail Cargo took time to shoot a promotional video. We don't know exactly what’s going on, but Marija Jovanovic seems to have a good time in the back of the car anyway.


Tesztvezetés? Nem mindig a sablon... 😂 Not always the template... 🙃😬 @sziki_ @agapicakk

A post shared by FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (@ftc_kezilabda) on


TEXT: Kevin Domas / ew

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