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18.03.2009, 10:00◄ last page     

Two Danish right wing players, Hans Lindberg (HSV) and Lasse Svan Hansen (Flensburg) talk about their clash in the CL Quarterfinals.

Danish summit: “Daily form will decide”

The national coach of Denmark, Ulrik Wilbek, had a difficult task before the World Championship when he had to pick two right wingers for the squad. At the end the 27-year old Hans Lindberg from HSV Hamburg and the 25-year old Lasse Svan Hansen from SG Flensburg-Handewitt were invited.

 Flensburg's Dane, Lasse Svan Hansen
 Hamburg's Dane, Hans Lindberg
The two right wingers will meet again in the Quarterfinal of the Champions League. Only one of them will reach the semi-final. Hans Lindberg and Lasse Svan Hansen talk about these games.

Eurohandball.com: What was your reaction when you found out that a Northern German derby will be waiting for you in the Champions League?

Hans Lindberg: I was satisfied. Instead Ciudad Real or Zagreb – these were the other possibilities – we will travel to our neighbours in Flensburg. This is comfortable. On a sports level, it is almost all the same who we will play against. There are only strong teams among the eight best. But I believe that it is possible to reach the semi-final.

Lasse Svan Hansen: We have a chance too. My first thought was that I remembered the game in November when we played a good match in Hamburg and lost narrowly.

Eurohandball.com: Who is the favourite of this German duel?

Lasse Svan Hansen: For sure, Hamburg have the best individual players. However, if we will show a defence similar to our last games than HSV will also respect us. And then we can go on counter attacks. We will have to play these two games in a disciplined manner with good team play, and than anything can happen.

Hans Lindberg: I do not think that either of the two teams would have significant advantage. I expect two very close games, as it was the case last year in the Main Round. We won by two goals at home and made a draw away. Once again, the daily form will decide.

Eurohandball.com: There are no less than five Danish players in Flensburg. How much will the Danes follow these games?

Hans Lindberg: Exactly. Every Flensburg game is followed with interest in Denmark. However, this time they will play against HSV where even more Danes play. It just means that the interest will be even bigger.

Lasse Svan Hansen: The newspapers will report on the game and some of the Danish media will also come to Campushalle. Every time that Danes step on court in the Champions League, Danish people pay attention.

Eurohandball.com: What does Champions League mean for you?

Hans Lindberg: We want to win a title for Hamburg this season. We have no more chance in the Bundesliga, so Champions League and German Cup remain. Any team in Europe would like to win a CL title. But we have to beat Flensburg, first of all.

Lasse Svan Hansen: When I played for GOG Svendborg, Champions League was the opportunity for me to show my skills for the international top teams. Last year we had a chance to reach the semi-finals until the very last round. It was successful for me. I have to think that I can play for Flensburg now because they spotted me in the Champions League. However, the team comes first. I will give everything for the victory of Flensburg.

TEXT: Jan Kirschner

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