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06.03.2009, 09:30◄ last page     

Zagreb director, Bartol Kaleb, believes in the qualification of his team.

The director's confidence

Zagreb Croatia osiguranje held a press conference just before the decisive CL match against Celje. The atmosphere inside the team is excellent and the Croatian club aim for the semi-finals.

Director Bartol Kaleb is happy and satisfied:

“We kept our promise. Zagreb won in Chambery and we are close to reach the quarterfinals.

“On Saturday we will face our archrival Celje. They suffered a defeat at a Slovenian derby and for sure their players will have additional motivation.”

Zoran Gobac believes that Zagreb have good chances for the quarterfinals. He is looking in the future:

“Our quarterfinals chances are 95%. We will do everything in our power that those five percents not prevail.

“We are improving every year and our goal is to qualify for the semi-finals. Honestly, there are no invincible teams and we can defeat anyone, especially in Zagreb. Our team is very strong and playing better day by day. We will show a good form against Celje. After that we will have a chance against any team.”

TEXT: Ivan Ambros

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