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7 years ago - 6/7/2012

Andela Bulatovic stays for one more year

Anđela Bulatović remains at Budućnost for one more year. After a few weeks of negotiations, the centre-back, born in Podgorica, and who started playing handball in Budućnost, signed a new contract with the EHF Women’s Champions League winner. 

"I’m staying for one more year, with mutual satisfaction. I will try to do my best to get good results next season”, Anđela Bulatović, commented after signing her new contract.

Bulatović added that she had “solid offers from other clubs”.

“But, the most important reason I have decided to stay is that Budućnost is my club. I started my career here, and Podgorica is my city. I believe I can do more for the team, I can make progress. My family is also in Podgorica, so there was million things in favour of this decision”, concluded Bulatović.

Before Anđela Bulatović, Budućnost signed new one year contracts with Clara Woltering, Milena Knežević, Radmila Miljanić, Majda Mehmedović, and Dragana Cvijić. President Predrag Bošković announced that right-back Katarina Bulatović will stay for one more year, but she still has to sign the new contract.

Super stars Bojana Popović and Maja Savić have finished their club career, while Sonja Barjaktarović, Dijana Jovetić, Ana Radović and Ana Đokić will leave the club.

For next season, Budućnost has signed four new players, French Claudine Mendy, two Croatians Katarina Ježić and Katarina Bralo, and Serbian Jelena Trifunović.

Author: Saša Jončić