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14.09.2008, 15:23◄ last page     

Larvik have beaten Dinamo Volgograd after an entertaining bronze game.

Experience brings third place

The 3/4 final of the Champions Trophy brought together Larvik and Dinamo Volgograd, two teams playing in similar style, yet completely different squads.

Kochetova, one of the Dinamo talentsBoth teams prefer quick handball and counter attacks. However, there is a big difference between them: while Larvik have five Olympic champions and many experienced players, the Russians are based on home grown talents.

One of these talents is Olga Levina, a very strong candidate for a place in the Russian National Team in the years to come. Especially in the early minutes, Levina showed her skills and kept on scoring.

The Norwegian goals came from more players, especially from Riegelhuth. The right back was not only important in finishing, but also in creating scoring opportunities.

The whole first half was equal and Volgograd equalised a three-goal difference before halftime (13-13).

Levina rests

The Larvik defence worked well todayThere were only small changes after the break. Levina was substituted and it was Khmyrova and Kochetova to take her leading role. Riegelhuth, on the other side, was scoring from 7-m shots mainly.

Volgograd took a 3-goal lead by the mid second half and it seemed that the game could be decided on penalties at the end.

At this point, the Norwegians used some of their last reserves and stood up. In the 54th minute coach Ryabykh took a time out at 26-23 for Larvik.

Levina came back for the last minutes, but the Norwegian defence was much better than a day ago. There was no more chance for the young Volgograd team and Larvik took the third place of the tournament with an apparently comfortable 28-24.

Comments after the game:

Karl-Erik Bohn (coach, Larvik): This was a good game for us. Our defence was much better respect to yesterday except for the beginning of the second half. In addition, we were quick in counter attacks.

I am very satisfied with the tournament. We met one of the best teams in the world, Hypo. We could even have won with a better defence. I believe that the two best teams reached the final and it was a good result for us to beat Volgograd.

Victor Ryabykh (coach, Volgograd): We have a very young team and we have no experience in playing with good concentration at the end of a big game. We made key mistakes, but it is important for our talented players to improve. If we learn, we can beat big teams too.

This tournament and the two games were perfect to prepare for the Champions League qualifications coming up in two weeks. I have seen what we need to work on in the remaining time.

TEXT: Balazs Nemcsik reporting from Chekhov

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